Thursday, February 28, 2013

For Endorphins

Endorphins = this chemical stuff that your brain makes to make you happy. Or, you know, stuff like chocolate.

I don't sniff sharpies.

"You know, you can get hyper off of a lot of things," said one of my friends during math today. I was like "Maybe that's just you ..."

But it's me, too, and I run around laughing because I'm so happy. 

Today's been full of good stuff. I try to pinpoint the exact causes, but there are too many.

I'm wearing a green shirt. A GREEN SHIRT! Green is basically my favorite color. And the only green shirt I own is a T-shirt that says green on the front. But since I painted it and it looks gross, I only wear it to sleep.

So this shirt is half sleeve, my favorite, and it's like ... bright green! See the picture ... 

Not all of them, my shirt is the second from right. So
the one next to yellow that isn't yellow. :P
Anyway, it makes me really happy because it's ... green, you know? 

I was also happy that I got my present from Nash--colored pencils {SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}, markers {EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!} and a sketchbook! *Hyperventilates*

So you see, I'm full of endorphins today. Especially after I drew a tree all over the sketchbook cover {to distinguish front and back because it's oh so super confusing} and it looks good {to me at least. Wow!}. And after I played soccer, and it was so amazing because I actually PLAYED it and didn't just stand around. Back to loving soccer, and back to sitting outside for lunch. It was nice outside, like 48 degrees! WOO!

But I did get hit in the fist with a soccer ball. Yuck!

Then I had a counseling appointment, and I'm getting closer to my goal of dual enrolling in both PHS and THS. 

Also on the bus, I had hilarious and fun talks with my friends, which hasn't happened in a while. So ... pretty much one of those high flying days, where the only thing I don't know is how I was ever down in the first place.

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