Ameli "Moo" Jeunesse is my next-door-neighbor and good friend.

August Laurent is a skilled sportsperson in all situations, and she's caught smiling more often than not, and owns many pairs of epic skinny jeans.

Ase Law is this really hilarious best friend of Fortune's who always manages to make people around him laugh.

Blaund Viff is a boy who's fun to be around and is never really serious.

Bradie Wright is, like her name, always wearing a braid.

Coustic Leber is a guitar pro.

Danica Italy puts symbols in place of the dots on the i's of her name.

Fleisee Dottner is a quiet yet very helpful and artistic girl who sits across from me in Science.

Fortune S'ombre is a boy with amazing eyebrows that are generally used against me.

Georgie Rouj is my best friend. Need I say more?

Greni Irish is my friend in Band and other places. She's fun and we love naming things and playing hangman together.

Hillary Bakah is a very tall and athletic girl who likes softball.

Hobbs Italy is Beltalye's brother. Somehow he's always going super fast. Like he says hi to me in the hallway before I realize he's there or he beats me to lunch. -_- {I like being first to lunch}

Kahler {pronounced "Color"} Siccal enjoys hats. She's quite fun.

Kyle Ches is super tall, and wears contacts.

Liberty de Cahier is a boy who has a really good taste in music {except this one song}.

Literally Soleil is a boy who thinks I have really cute gloves {he can also fit them perfectly}.

Merida and Fluttari are my friends from dance class. Merida is super funny and crazily redheaded, and Fluttari is sweet and graceful!

Merya Tromble a friend from band, she's really nice and very tall.

Nash Vyll is one of my super gorgeous friends with a great voice.

Orqua Mignardise is a pretty, amazing, kind and talented girl.

Pawson O'Reilly is of no relation to Georgie, though they look sort of similar.

Pen Missim one of my old friends ... I haven't seen him in a year.

Reddia "Di" Herring is my ex-best-friend, from my younger years. She's changed much, but I'm learning to forgive her.

Reta Persev is a trombone-playing one of my friends.

Saye Truce is always wearing a green jacket. I don't talk to him much.

Seattle Rainier is the boy I like.

Sourire "Souri" Blone is a sweet girl who lately comes into my life more. She's always smiling. It's so weird yet so amazing.

Sparrow Browning is a girl I usually think of as Beltalye's quiet friend, but sometimes I realize she speaks up just enough to hear her ... and she's my friend too.

Stephen H is a weirdo and very technological, but he's also funny and has epic hair.

Tangorine d'Anseur is a very sassy yet sweet girl who loves to laugh.

Vanessa Cayenne is cheer captain in all aspects, but she's one of my good friends too.

Venice "Venni" Laukner likes to tickle me. -_-

Violet Phillips is a super shy girl who sits next to me in Science. Okay, not super shy. She's actually kind of obnoxious, but she's super quiet.

Vulpa is my little sister. She's 12!


Boomer, my enunciating and loud PE teacher
Vrik, my football-coach of a math teacher
Agitato, {sometimes called "agipotato" by Greni} my band teacher
Okaae, my raised-eyebrow and fun English teacher
Buttre, my History teacher

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