Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear Goodbye

Dear Goodbye
That's what I say to you
That's what you say to me
Everything goes so fast
I'm not sure who leaves

I wake up and clutch at the blankets
As if they were the dream I left
If I could just get a good grip
I could remember better

Though I remember too well
Every little thing that I do
Every image that I see
Has something to do with you

I get out a blank piece of paper
And the first thing I draw is a star
Another wish that I could see you
Instead of just this dreamy fog

Music plays inside my head
And I fill the paper with lyrics
Innocent words that bring you up again
And I'm like "LIFE! SERIOUSLY!!!!"

You can't tell anyone what to do
But there are so many things to say
Dear Goodbye, if only I had told you
Maybe you would've stayed ...

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