Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Little Lights in Town

This isn't the street we walked down, but the lights were strung in pretty
much the same way. Which had this cute effect, only I went just barely,
and since it's stupid enough to be summer, it wasn't dark yet. Pity, but
mosquitoes ...
Today I went one of my friends to the center of town and we walked around and took pictures. "Like tourists in our own town," she said, which was pretty accurate. There are so many things I learned about the little town I live in today. Like that people like to string lights everywhere, and I could only imagine how like stars they would look at night.
You know you want some. I mean, way
to go me for choosing the most un-
appetizing picture ever. But you should've
seen the other one. (:

What's weird is that I actually had fun. I was dreading tonight because I didn't really want to wander around town and feel super awkward and have a long hour in my life, but it turned out to be super fun. Which just goes to show that sometimes your first impressions can be wrong, and you should always try new things because they might just be one of your favorite things.

Like pistachio gelato. No, really.

So I dare you {no, you can't get out of this one!} to try something that someone wants you to try that you're kind of backing out of since it's out of your comfort zone. But you might like it. But don't smoke or do drugs or something stupid, please. Make it reasonable.

Like wandering around your town being a tourist even though it's your town. Or getting gelato. Which really is good, by the way. 

{Especially the pistachio kind!}

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