De Moi

This page is to be updated once a month, for the sake of not getting rusty. Rust is gross, and probably tastes EVEN WORSE than the author's porch. Which didn't taste all too bad, but certainly wasn't as good as a fake smoothie. Just sayin'!

So in order to get to know the author better {psh, not like you don't know her already if you've read any one post of this blog}, here are some bizarre--I mean, completely normal--informative facts about the author:
  1. She loves to play soccer. Not that anything she does is worth calling "playing". I mean, she gets the soccer ball a lot, if you count with the face.
  2. She brushes her teeth every day. 
  3. Umm, she loves crowding her bookshelf with books and just being giddy off of that.
  4. Giant marshmallows are terrifying, but little ones are so cute and fun to DEVOUR! MNAM!
  5. Her eyebrows enjoy dancing.
  6. The last song she listened to changes every time she listens to a song.
  7. Never leave her with an unguarded plate of fruit, or cup of juice {almost said plate of juice there}. Well, unless you WANT them to disappear ... mysteriously.
  8. She can be found standing in front of her closet staring it down.
  9. She really, really likes poking around on calculators.
  10. She used Google Translate for the title of this page. Not that she can't speak French. {Barbara Manatee!}
So, thanks for taking a peek. The author wishes you well and hopes you enjoy reading about the confusing mess of her life. Hmhmm. But whose isn't?

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Tiger said...

You can not come because you can't speak French! , OF BARBARA MANITEE YOU ARE THE ONE FOR ME!!!!!!! SENT FROM UP ABOVE!!!!!! YOU ARE THE ONE I LOVE!!!!!