Monday, May 13, 2013

The Cents in Humor

Read the post title again. That was a pun! Ha! Ha! ...


Well, I've always wondered why people want to be comedians. For one, it must be freakin' hard standing up there trying to get people to laugh and failing half the time ... but some people are skilled at what they do, and who doesn't want a good laugh? I admire comedians, because they know that you can find something funny in everything. You can make everything funny, and the best feeling is making someone laugh {next to laughing yourself}.

Now, I want you to find the nearest person and tell them to lie on the floor and cross their arms over their chest. Tell them to breathe in, and then tell them to breathe out. While they breathe out, press their arms where they cross. This is called the laugh test, and it doesn't work on Danica, who laughs enough anyway, but I hope you have fun {and the nearest person isn't a stranger}.

Lately I have realized that the reason why I've been having a better time is that I find the funniness in things. I don't mean things like people falling down or animal cruelty, but the things that would normally make me embarrassed, or bored, or annoyed. 

Like the other day when my wet flip-flop slipped and sent me bum-first onto the floor, and the high schoolers didn't help me up. I brushed myself off and walked with my head high and grinned at them when they went past.

There was this question I found on one of those e-mail things you get frequently {if you're me, but I suppose you're not ...} and it asked "Do you smile at strangers?" I put "Depends on the stranger," but it's not like you can know a stranger. So the other day I was at a public gathering and smiled at everyone I saw and this older man came up to me and asked me directions because I seemed like a friendly person {or because my sisters are weirdos and I'm not so intimidating}.

So ... that's another lesson I shall depart with you today {was that proper grammar?}. Just ... laugh. Things are fun and they are funny and you can laugh alone, too.

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