Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Lately I am forgetting all these things that I need to remember and it's bugging me SO MUCH, but sometimes I realize that there are benefits to forgetting some things. 

Like how there used to be so much on my mind all the time and I'd read the signs even when they weren't really there. When someone would say something that would trigger a memory and I would frown and spend the day doing just that. 

When a song plays on the radio that played during a memory I'd rather forget.

And for once I am forgetting.

Even if it is things that I need to do, like ask for an excuse note from my dance class. Because there are catches to everything and the bright side is that I'm not so nostalgic anymore. Right now the future might not be so great, and the past is definitely something that I need to stop having on my mind all the time, but I have a present to live right here, right now, and what am I supposed to remember in fifty years?

"Oh, all I did in 2013 was remember the past, worry about the future, and ... do nothing in the present because I didn't allow myself to have a present."

But we're doing secret sisters in dance class and I love giving everything but up.

So that's where I'll be looking ...

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