Thursday, May 9, 2013

Living in Seattle

Don't worry, I'm not moving to Seattle. Or living in Seattle, because goodness knows knowing  a guy named Seattle is confusing enough. But anyhoo, I sort of feel like I'm doing that right now. Both metaphorically and really.

Danica was trying to make me feel better in Science today but what she didn't know is that I already feel so good after how amazing this week has been. Because not only have I somehow gained a positive attitude again, it's been raining off and on. On Tuesday it rained for the entire afternoon, and it's never failed to rain on the other days, including today. And it'll be sudden storms followed by sunshine and it's just so unbelievably amazing that I stand at my window and smile.

And with the metaphorical stuff? Well, lately all my conversations with my girl friends are about boys. I'm not the one who brings it up, but apparently May is that month. And pretty much this whole year I've been dejected about them, but I passed Seattle in the hallway today and he said "Whoo!" after our inside joke. Which is strange because normally he'll just pass me and say hi or something, but this time I was the one who ended up looking back wishing I'd reacted fast enough.

So when he got a ride home today like he always does on Thursdays {I do not memorize this on purpose} I opened the bus window and called his name and said "Whoo!" back at him. Because I'm living in a place called Seattle, where it rains a lot and if you look past the raindrops caught on the window some girl is smiling.

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