Friday, May 31, 2013

The Story of Seattle and Me Part Friday

{If you haven't read Part Wednesday yet, do it}

Two days later, Seattle and Me were are the skating rink again, which was quite possibly even stupider than coming on Wednesday, but they did anyway. And kind-of dances came and went, but none of them included them both holding hands, although Seattle did end up holding hands with Vanessa and Hillary, which was kind of funny and made Me laugh. Only it probably wasn't a real laugh, but you don't know that. And it wasn't like she was looking for him on the skating rink anyway, because she totally and completely wasn't.

It was strange because that night everyone decided to skate around the rink really super fast a million times, and Me somehow felt like doing that too. So she skated around, and she wasn't trying to catch up to Seattle to talk to him, absolutely not, but she ended up next to him anyway and she said something along the lines of: "So there you are causing destruction again," and she didn't just mean that he'd just fallen and knocked down a little girl with him. Although she didn't see that, you know, 'cause she totally and completely wasn't following him with her eyes secretly.

"I told you you were going to ask another girl on Friday," said Me, and she couldn't catch Seattle's expression because they weren't quite next to each other anymore. Skating at the speed of light does that. In fact, this whole conversation was yelled over other people's heads while skating just that fast, but it wasn't like Me wanted to be next to Seattle anyway.

And then Seattle said the worst possible thing that he could've said, which included "I cared when I asked you to kind-of dance, but you didn't because you refused me the first time."

And then Me had to stop and say too much and say that she'd meant it too, and she couldn't read his face after she said that, because it was when he was leaving, so she got this great image of him walking away, which was just what people do all the time anyway. 

That's what Me gets for trusting people, but she learned her lesson ...

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