Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Yearbooks Can't Do

It's the end of the year, guys. And no, don't be like my mom and say "But 2013 just started!" because I mean the school year. Which is pretty much the only year that has ever mattered to me ever since 4th grade, when I realized that school is the best place ever.

Right now I'm sitting here going through my yearbook and thinking about all the things it can't capture.

Sure, there are pictures of my friends and some of us going about our random school stuff. There are the teachers, there are the signatures from my friends and classmates. But ... but you can't understand by looking at my yearbook.

In fact, I don't think anyone will be able to understand that absolute brilliance that was these past two years at this school with these friends.

Pictures can't even capture what makes this life, this home, so special.

They can't capture the inside jokes, like how Orqua and I eat toes {do not take this literally. If you do not understand the inside joke, that is the precise reason it is an inside joke. But these are not live toes}.

They can't capture the soccer games we played at lunch and how they always turned into semi-violent games of hand- and foot- and head- ball. And how we always managed to hit a girl with brown hair and glasses {at least in PE}.

They can't capture the way we all gathered in the practice rooms when they were still open and sang and talked and laughed and accidentally squirted lotion all over the floor {Georgie}.

They can't capture the way everyone in our grade knew each other by first and last name and stuff otherwise. Like I know that these two guys both really like purple, or that this girl is a really good artist, or that this one dude owns a fedora and his life pretty much revolves around it.

Yeah, my friends are weird. But they're special and unique and I just can't let them go, which is why I'm sitting here flipping through my yearbook wondering how anybody ever thought this could sum up the year.

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