Tuesday, May 28, 2013


So here I am listening to high-volume Pandora
Because I don't want to hear the rain
It'll make me want to cry like the sky
Because it's not afraid to hide
It's not afraid of tomorrow
It's not afraid of

So here I am typing so many stupid posts
Because can't let me stop and think
It'll make me want to just scream 
"Why why why why why?"
Maybe I'm overreacting
Maybe I'm just scared
Scared to say
So here I am stuck in the middle again
Because I can't bear to go back to the past
And I can't go to the future yet
Because I'm afraid to let
Let it make me forget
But I can't forget that
Feeling of 

So here I am waving in my memory
Because there are so many things that will leave
So many things that will change
And most of all me
Let me be okay
Let me stay
But I have to
Walk away now,

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