Saturday, May 18, 2013

Secret Sister Secrets

So we've been doing secret sister in dance class, and I've learned plenty about it, which I'm going to share below, because it's one of the funnest ways to receive a gift {better than white elephant}.

First of all, you start off giving everyone a paper with questions they need to answer such as What is your favorite color? What is your favorite candy? Any allergies/dislikes? for suggestions to the secret sister. Then you distribute them randomly and make sure that nobody got themselves. And the secret sisterness begins!

For dance this year, we say you have to give the other person at least three gifts, which is basically a reward for one of our three performances, or the dress rehearsal. I'm not going to give you a giant rant on gifts right now, but here are some helpful tips for the actual giving of the gift.

You can:

  • Tell someone to give it to them. If you are doing this one, you should make sure to tell someone to tell someone to give it to them, at least. That way the person as well as the people you use to give the gift aren't sure who the actual secret sister is, which makes it good for secrecy. That's what it's all about, right?
  • Put it sneakily by their stuff. MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT AROUND. It's also best if not many other people are around, or they will know and possibly accidentally drop hints about you!
  • Give it to them yourself. With the first bullet point in mind, they will never know it was you ... you just gotta keep a straight face!
And more random tipness:
  • When you see them get their gift, hurry over to "find out" what it is and congratulate them. Or if they don't make a show out of getting a gift, then ask them if they got a gift yet.
  • Don't make it obvious it's you, i.e. don't be around when they find their gift. I don't mean run away, but if you're returning from a dance performance, say, make sure to place the gift there and then arrive later than the person does.
Have fun ...

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