New Experiences

Being almost-not-really-sort-of-kind-of-this-is-getting-too-long-OCD, I keep lots of lists because I hate forgetting things, even though I do it more often than not, and that's the reason why my room is a mess.

So here's a list of new experiences of mine. I love keeping track of firsts.

>The first time I had gelato. I tried pistachio, cherry cheesecake and guava. They were all good and semi-fruity, even pistachio. The cherry cheesecake, scarily, tasted like cake. Only textured like gelato, which is basically Italian ice cream if you're an unknowing soul like I was several months ago. Well, I got a cup of lemon + cookies n' cream, a flavor invented by me that was adventurous but ... sweet. (:

>The first time I enjoyed softball.
>The first time I've eaten lunch on the stairs outside.

>The first time I played handball. I lost. {Haha no duh.}
>I FINISHED A PUZZLE OF MY HOMETOWN TODAY!!!! And started it yesterday night. Boo-ya! PS it's like five hundred or a thousand pieces. Probably five hundred ... but anyway, it's super cool. Only I wish it wasn't missing some pieces. Stupid wind.

>The first time I did something really special for somebody on their birthday at school, but it's not gonna be the last time.
>I got up early for a meteor shower. Missed it though. :(
>I brought my phone outside. It's a house phone, you gotta understand.
>Ran for 15 minutes straight ... well, maybe it wasn't the first time.

>The first time I ate with tongs. It was super fun.

>The first time I can remember asking somebody what something said because their handwriting was illegible to me. Which hardly ever happens. I'm sorry, person!

>The first time I cut my nails with scissors. It was during History, and it was super fun.

>The first time I watched a really long movie. It was The Tenth Kingdom, which happens to be about 6 hours long
>Ugh, the second time I've been back to Kahler's house. 
>My first time having egg salad.

>First time being on a playground that has grass underneath it, AKA no woodchips

>This was the start of my third journal.
>This was also the first time this year I haven't been the first one to my bus stop.
>Umm ... and the first time I danced in an assembly. SUCCESS!!!!!!

>First time I made a MASH. It was in Science for Beltalye.

>First time eating a slice of pie. No kidding. It was berry and it tasted ... good, like juice. Artificial juice, but good nonetheless. Maybe I don't hate pie so much.
>Got M&Ms because I memorized 38 I think digits of pi: 3.14159265358979323846262795028841. Oh and the M&Ms are 3.14 OZ. :D

>I walked down the stairs backwards! I've probably done this sometime before ... idk.
>First time back in my old ASL classroom this year.
>The first time I went upstairs in the D wing of our school! It's all strange-like.

>VERY FIRST TIME I sucked helium out of a balloon {or helium in general}. It was ... weird. With Ameli, and I freaked out and laughed on the car ride home.

>My first kiss this year. It was sweat and creamy and delicious and from Ase. It was also Hershey's. (;
>I tried to unwrap a Starburst with my tongue in Science, idea courtesy of Beltalye. I failed. Twice. But at least I got candy!

>First time eating Turkish delight. Turns out it wasn't made of meat ... which is what I'd thought. I'm a weirdo. It was strawberry.

>Second time I've played Halo. First time I've understood how to.
>First time I drew on a wall painted with chalkboard paint!
>My first Mathcounts competition 
>First time at Beltalye's house
>The first time that it wasn't a vacation {hehe felt like it} that I spent twelve hours outside of my house. I think. 'Cause I woke at six thirty for Mathcounts and came back from Beltalye's at umm ... eight. (: So that's fourteen hours. 

>First time I unlocked my door this year. I don't get out much do I?
>The first time {in middle school anyway} that I've worn a ponytail the WHOLE SCHOOL DAY! Usually I chicken out halfway but ... not today!

>First time I used a graphite pencil on cloth on purpose
>The first time I used red fabric paint! Only I'm suspicious now 'cause it looks to pink
>Ditto for the blue fabric paint. But that kind doesn't look pink
>The first time I wore a dress to school because I chose to. Actually ... probably the first time I've worn a dress to PHS

>First time my middle school bus was nearly late to school. Guh!
>My first whole fruit leather, courtesy of Hobbs
>I heard Gangnam style on the radio {okay. This's happened plenty of times before, but first time this year}

>First time I hugged Greni and Merya

>First time I spoke to Di in a long, long time
>One of the first times I decided to be team leader in sports. I may call Vibrant a cheer captain, but today I really learned how to smile. And I chose my team not because I wanted them, but 'cause they needed somebody to want them.
>I wrapped a yellow ribbon around a headband just so it could match my yellow shirt, which is one of my favorites. Somehow, like today, it never fails to keep me smiling.

>First time I went into my Science teacher's back room. It's HUGE. It's not his office, which is small. It's like three times his office. Big big big. It's like an extra half classroom. Wow.
>First day I actually appreciated one of the really super shy girls in my class. She's a really good artist. She's basically a four-year-old hiding inside someone older. Or an animal, I guess. She's very shy and I'm so glad that I'm friendly enough she talks to me.

>First visit to Twitter. I looked at J.K. Rowling and then got bored and left. It's very blue.

>First time eating a cinnamon candy. I sucked on it. I did not spit it out. I was so proud, but it's one of those awkward things that only I'll bring up.
>Today at lunch I sat at the lunch place the WHOLE TIME. I didn't leave for any adventures with friends, even though some of them left. It was really cool. I actually don't think I've ever done that before anywhere. 
>Actually enjoyed a PE class for no reason other than that it was a PE class. Even though I had difficulties ... I ran for six minutes straight with only one short walking break. I don't like volleyball much, but I did enjoy whacking it around and getting red marks on my forearms because I always forget to bend my knees.

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