No, it's not actually about wilting, which is probably the saddest and yuckiest thing you can ever do, unless you're that one yellow rose my friend gave me once when she came over to my house to show me her cousin, because THAT one wilted into this perfect beautiful soft and scented thing that I put on the piano bench and completely forgot about until now, and maybe that's why there are ants in my house.

W.I.L.T. stands for What I Learned Today. I told you I like to keep lists and here is another one, because I might go crazy otherwise. And goodness knows, I can't go crazy. I have to keep up my airplane reputation, after all!

FRIDAY MAY 31, '13 ~ Not everybody is as good as you think they are, and not everything is as beautiful in the morning as it was last night.

THURSDAY MAY 30, '13 ~ It's strange how you can have fun when you're not having any fun at all, but that's just one of the nice things about life. Or is it not nice?

WEDNESDAY MAY 29, '13 ~ Not everybody tells the truth.

TUESDAY MAY 28, '13 ~ Miracles happen, and so does rain.

MONDAY MAY 27, '13 ~ Take a deep breath and just do it.

SUNDAY MAY 26, '13  ~ Journals give you stalker memories.

SATURDAY MAY 25, '13 ~ It takes a while for the truth to sink in.

FRIDAY MAY 24, '13 ~ Sometimes ... you just have to say what you want to say and see what happens.

THURSDAY MAY 23, '13 ~ Things happen gradually.

WEDNESDAY MAY 22, '13 ~ It's weird how dreams come true but you just sit there like "Wait, what??"

TUESDAY MAY 21, '13 ~ Just try it, because most of the time it's awesome.

MONDAY MAY 20, '13 ~ It's nice to help people, but if you're falling apart and try to aid someone else, you're gonna end up super tangled and that's not always fun. Except the movie. I'm gonna stop now.

SUNDAY MAY 19, '13 ~ Just because someone says it's good doesn't mean it is. Find out for yourself.

SATURDAY MAY 18, '13 ~ Mascara is SO NASTY.

FRIDAY MAY 17, '13 ~ Sometimes one day can feel like several of them.

THURSDAY MAY 16, '13 ~ Let that smile light up your face because there's no better way to let someone else see the light in you.

WEDNESDAY MAY 15, '13 ~ It's funny how when dreams come true that you realize you never thought it would feel so close.

TUESDAY MAY 14, '13 ~ You can actually go on much longer than when you first think you have to stop. You don't have to. It's all in your mind.

MONDAY MAY 13, '13 ~ Things aren't going to stay this way but that doesn't mean you should sit around waiting for change.

SUNDAY MAY 12, '13 ~ You don't have to find meaning in everything. Sometimes you just need to have fun. Like dreams.

SATURDAY MAY 11, '13 ~ Sometimes one can find pleasure in even the lame things people want you to do. ...

FRIDAY MAY 10, '13 ~ I know you want to collapse. I know you want to fall and sleep forever because it's easier that way, but carry on.

THURSDAY MAY 9, '13 ~ Boys don't matter. Except when they think you do.

WEDNESDAY MAY 8, '13 ~ Sometimes you just can't run fast enough.

TUESDAY MAY 7, '13 ~ The best hiding place for a fork is inside the handle of a frying pan. No seriously, try it.

MONDAY MAY 6, '13 ~ Love the things you can't control.

SUNDAY MAY 5, '13 ~ Keep your accomplishments to yourself because people will learn them in due time.

SATURDAY MAY 4, '13 ~ Work hard and you won't regret a thing.

FRIDAY MAY 3, '13 ~ You're not the only one who loves someone.

THURSDAY MAY 2, '13 ~ Just take some time to take your mind out of this world. You don't have to take yourself {suicide is NOT the answer} but, say, read a book. Or do a big puzzle.

WEDNESDAY MAY 1, '13 ~ OH MY GOSH! It's May! NO!!!! Anyway, I learned today = even annoying people have opinions when you run away. 

TUESDAY APRIL 30, '13 ~ Sometimes ice just needs to be broken. What I learned from the morning show: The top icebreakers are 1. weater 2. work 3. vacations and 4. uh ... sports I think. Anyway, questions are great ones. Thanks Danica! Also what if cheese is delicious? Then I can be Batman!

MONDAY APRIL 29, '13 ~ Nothing.

SUNDAY APRIL 28, '13 ~ Sometimes you just need to lie down and sleep.

SATURDAY APRIL 27, '13 ~ Even the little things matter, and sometimes you just have to open your eyes and see.

FRIDAY APRIL 26, '13 ~ Sometimes people can disappoint you, and sometimes you write letters you know you'll never send.

THURSDAY APRIL 25, '13 ~ People can fake everything.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 24, '13 ~ Just because somebody says it's not your business doesn't mean it isn't.

TUESDAY APRIL 23, '13 ~ Not everything is all right, even when everything is all right for you.

MONDAY APRIL 22, '13 ~ Waking up early does something to make you smile.

SUNDAY APRIL 21, '13 ~ Never let your little sister make an ice cream sundae for you, especially if she has access to lemon drops & gummy bears.

SATURDAY APRIL 20, 13 ~ Sometimes the things that make you sad make you happy too.

FRIDAY APRIL 19, '13 ~ It's all in your mind.

THURSDAY APRIL 18, '13 ~ Sometimes you speak your mind because biting your tongue (or biting the inside of your cheek like I do) hurts. But sometimes it's better to go through the pain yourself than to let it go on others. I mean, always, not sometimes.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 17, '13 ~ It's funny, 'cause things can be so perfectly right while so shatteringly wrong at the exact same time.

TUESDAY APRIL 16, '13 ~ Whatever you do, do the most important first.

MONDAY APRIL 15, '13 ~ Don't give up just because you think you know what you really don't.

SUNDAY APRIL 14, '13 ~ Don't say it's too much, because it's not.

SATURDAY APRIL 13, '13 ~ Some things are really beautiful if you'd only look twice.

FRIDAY APRIL 12, '13 ~ I'm really self-conscious, but not when I'm having fun and working hard and not thinking about it. And I'm pretty sure I look a lot better in those moments because of the smile.

THURSDAY APRIL 11, '13 ~ Always remember your resources, like when Georgie sort of breaks my nail and I remember my scissors halfway through tearing the rest of it off with my teeth.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 10, '13 ~ In the words of Owl City, "Illuminate a world that'll try to bring you down, but not this time!"

TUESDAY APRIL 9, '13 ~ Don't be afraid to take the extra step forward.

MONDAY APRIL 8, '13 ~ Old friends are worth rescuing.

SUNDAY APRIL 7, '13 ~ Sometimes, somebody will get there before you do, but that doesn't mean you can't still meet.

SATURDAY APRIL 6, '13 ~ Families matter muchly.

FRIDAY APRIL 5, '13 ~ Don't spill butter on your pants.

THURSDAY APRIL 4, '13 ~ You don't need all the same kind of friends.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 3, '13 ~ Try as you might, some things just won't stop haunting you.

TUESDAY APRIL 2, '13 ~ Even spending the laziest of days with somebody you love will be fun.

MONDAY APRIL 1, '13 ~ You don't have to do what everybody else does.

SUNDAY MARCH 31, '13 ~ Tell yourself they're right and try it out to see if they were.

SATURDAY MARCH 30, '13 ~ You can get what you want, but sometimes you realize that it's not exactly as fun as you thought it would be.

FRIDAY MARCH 29, '13 ~ Seriously ... hope is the key to everything.

THURSDAY MARCH 28, '13 ~ Can you believe it? I can't believe it. But building on yesterday's ... everything is gonna be all right.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 27, '13 ~ Perseverance; everything's gonna be all right.

TUESDAY MARCH 26, '13 ~ Someone will tell you you can't. They'll be wrong.

MONDAY MARCH 25, '13 ~ Just because you convince yourself something doesn't mean it's right. Maybe you should listen to another part of you.

SUNDAY MARCH 24, '13 ~ Don't reason your way out. Reason your way in.

SATURDAY MARCH 23, '13 ~ Who says you have to be busy to have fun?

FRIDAY MARCH 22, '13 ~ Everyone's willing to help. Sometimes you have to ask.

THURSDAY MARCH 21, '13 ~ Making friends can take several days or just one. Be brave enough to say hello!

WEDNESDAY MARCH 20, '13 ~ Be optimistic, and things will work out. Just think about what you've done, not what you haven't yet.

TUESDAY MARCH 19, '13 ~ Making somebody laugh is even better than laughing ... oh, and don't make people take charge of your life. Plus, as long as you hold on and get through the storm, you'll see the rainbow.

MONDAY MARCH 18, '13 ~ Words aren't necessary to enjoy moments.

SUNDAY MARCH 17, '13 ~ There's no such thing as true loneliness. If you think so, you're blind.

SATURDAY MARCH 16, '13 ~ There's no time limit for making a friend. It can take as short or as long as you want.

FRIDAY MARCH 15, '13 ~ Hey, don't make stuff control your mood, but don't let it not, either. What kind of a world would it be if you couldn't get high off of giving people waffles, or playing on a kindergarten playground in the early morning or talking to Seattle?

THURSDAY MARCH 14, '13 ~ Pie is not that bad.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 13, '13 ~ Hey, if a plastic baggie of bread crusts makes me happy, you can get it out of innocent things too.

TUESDAY MARCH 12, '13 ~ Don't fool yourself into thinking you're special. It's better to look from the bottom up because the stars are so much brighter from there.

MONDAY MARCH 11, '13 ~ There are those people you think aren't that bad, until you realize they annoy the heck out of you. And remember life loves you {sort of} when you find that those people happen to be your family.

SUNDAY MARCH 10, '13 ~ Be careful before you say something that might last.

SATURDAY MARCH 9, '13 ~ You won't be heard if everyone else is singing, too.

FRIDAY MARCH 8, '13 ~ GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What people say behind your back is definitely not fun to listen to, especially when you can't say you caught them because then you'd have eavesdropped. Not that I do any of this.

THURSDAY MARCH 7, '13 ~ It's nice to do what people tell you to.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 6, '13 ~ Just 'cause somebody dances doesn't mean they can choreograph. People can and will surprise you, so just go along with the ride.

TUESDAY MARCH 5, 13 ~ Make your own fun, don't let someone make it for you. Also, tree climbing is fun and my brother can be a marshmallow.

MONDAY MARCH 4, '13 ~ A day is made up of many different parts.

SUNDAY MARCH 3, '13 ~ Dreams and hopes and wishes almost always come true. Just be patient and you'll be rewarded.

SATURDAY MARCH 2, '13 ~ People think I can run really fast. But I don't, because there are people I'll wait for forever.

FRIDAY MARCH 1, '13 ~ It's March now! {I just wrote February 29th and deleted it, FYI.} Also, confidence is not in the strength of the walls you build to protect yourself; it's in the strength of yourself.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 28, '13 ~ You know, some things are worth fighting for.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 27, '13 ~ Walk fast because those who want to catch up will.

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 26, '13 ~ Something as simple as holding hands or yelling someone's name or singing a song together with your best friend {no spoken cues} can make you feel strong enough to conquer the world. Or, you know, just live in it.

MONDAY FEBRUARY 25, '13 ~ Does it matter what he feels like? Soak up the sun.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 24, '13 ~ Lies are hard to keep track of.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 23, '13 ~ Bravery is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Aside from happiness, of course.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 22, '13 ~ Girls have hormones that make them talk. It doesn't matter if you don't know somebody. If you want to you can know them.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 21, '13 ~ Things aren't so bad. Even lies can make you happy.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 20, '13 ~ Run run run. I can do that fast.

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 19, '13 ~ Just because it's your birthday and everybody acts like you're special, sometimes you don't feel that way. 

MONDAY FEBRUARY 18, '13 ~ When you no longer love something you used to ... something went wrong.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 17, '13 ~ Fighting for your life is hard sometimes.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 16, '13 ~ Your day doesn't have to make you happy. You have to make your day happy. 

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 15, '13 ~ Lights are everywhere. Just look.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 14, '13 ~ Don't take things for granted, like happiness.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 13, '13 ~ Just because you look at someone doesn't mean they'll look at you.

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 12, '13 ~ Some things are better left alone.

MONDAY FEBRUARY 11, '13 ~ Things aren't going to happen that fast.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 10, '13 ~ There are many messed up yet awesome things on Youtube. There are many messed up yet awesome people who know what they are.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 9, '13 ~ If you look up, the stars will shine. ... Oh, and the British have eyes on their pants.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 8, '13 ~ There's never more alone than crying yourself to sleep at night and muffling it so nobody can hear.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 7, '13 ~ Yes, you can drown in your own tears.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 6, '13 ~ Don't let someone else take over your life.

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 5, '13 ~ Texting is freakishly hard, and my thumbs are way too fat to press those little button things. But since it was Georgie's phone, it was kinda fun.

MONDAY FEBRUARY 4, '13 ~ Never be ashamed to mourn.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 3, '13 ~ Sometimes the tears won't come but you know the nightmares will.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 2, '13 ~ Dogs aren't that bad. Ameli and I found one today and named it Charles. Turns out it was a girl.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 1, '13 ~ It's February! Holy cow but this year has been going so fast. Ummm ... I learned that some books are really sweet and beautiful and sick at the same time. Like Room by Emma Donoghue, which is what I'm reading today.

THURSDAY JANUARY 31, '13 ~ Even sick-minded people get sick sometimes. Okay, not necessarily sick-minded. Just, you know, the violent sort of boys that everybody somehow likes. There was a study about that. People like dark personalities. Not that you should take that as advice.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 30, '13 ~ Inside jokes may be fun, but not if you're not included.

TUESDAY JANUARY 29, '13 ~ Often the problem with us is that we don't see how much others love us. I can't stress this enough. SOMEBODY LOVES YOU. Do you need to know who? You should know who. And it should be you, too.

MONDAY JANUARY 28, '13 ~ Blue is one of my favorite colors.

SUNDAY JANUARY 27, '13 ~ It's a lot easier to think about your big problems when you've gotten the little ones taken care of. Bring some order into your life.

SATURDAY JANUARY 26, '13 ~ Proving things is quite obnoxious, and think before you lie.


THURSDAY JANUARY 24, '13 ~ Don't ever look at tomorrow and think it's not going to be a good day, because you're the one who makes it. Like I told one of my friends when she said she couldn't do it--"Think you don't and you won't."

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 23, '13 ~ Never wait for someone to catch up 'cause if they really wanted to walk next to you, they'd run. Or sometimes they'll just follow you, because they like to watch the way you walk.

TUESDAY JANUARY 22, '13 ~ Just like yesterday's lesson, looking up can get you there. Today I was playing wallyball. I don't like wallyball. I'm not good at it. But I learned to work hard and encourage my teammates. We lost every game. We were smiling.

MONDAY JANUARY 21, '13 ~ A positive attitude can cure everything, and music is one of those great soothers. Make sure you know what you should do and do it before you have fun, or you'll have a guilty conscience and if you actually do your work, it'll suck.

SUNDAY JANUARY 20, '31 ~ People are different. Lots of them have anger issues. Don't run away.

SATURDAY JANUARY 19, '13 ~ Never settle down too soon, because unexpected things happen and you'll be left saying "Shoulda seen that coming."

FRIDAY JANUARY 18, '13 ~ You know endorfins, which are the things you get in your brain that make you happy? No? Well, now you do. I think you get those when you exercise, because today when I was feeling way down, it helped to exercise. Of course, don't go overboard, but it's definitely better than other ways of getting hurt out.

THURSDAY JANUARY 17, '13 ~ I learned that sometimes, instead of perpetual worry, you can cut it short and start getting frustrated. Frustration will lead to exasperation, which will lead to annoyedness and a little bit of anger that will get you through without the worry. Worry is not good. 

Oh, and I also learned that when you walk down stairs in the dark morning in the winter, YOU MUST HOLD ONTO THE RAILING. Or else, you will slip and fall like I did and scrape your elbow and have to sacrifice a precious band-aid. 

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