Friday, May 31, 2013

The Story of Seattle and Me Part Wednesday

So ... once upon a time there was this skating rink and they liked playing songs and announcing them to be kind-of dances, where boys ask girls and the other way around, so that they could skate together.

Also once upon a time, there was a boy named Seattle and a girl named Me, and the girl kind of sort of had a crush on Seattle, only you don't know about that. And they went to this skating rink, which was quite possibly the most stupid idea ever, because it has a reputation for making bad things happen, at least in Me's life. For the past two years all the other boys like Seattle had ended up asking her best friends to this kind-of dance thing, and being a young and silly and dramatic person, Me would overreact and then ruin her life and spend the summer being young, silly, dramatic and depressed.

Anyway, that's why it took Me a little while to process it when she just barely got on her skates and all of a sudden they announced a kind-of dance and then Seattle came over to her and asked her to kind-of dance.

So there Me was, standing there all awkward-like trying to figure out if a. she was dreaming or b. her friends set her up. Which was what she'd been kind of afraid of. So the first thing out of her mouth was "What?" closely followed by "Why?" with a dose of "It's a dare, isn't it?"

But Seattle said it wasn't a dare and Me had this dumb habit of trusting Seattle even though she knew better and she ended up promising to do it if there was another kind-of dance. Which her friends made sure there was.

For the first time in what seemed like months, Seattle was talking to Me. But then the kind-of dance was announced and Me kind of hid in this dark party room for a while but then left it to hide behind a pillar, which she really shouldn't have done if you ask Me.

Of course, Seattle had to see her hiding behind this pillar and skated over and said "So are you going to kind-of dance with me?" and Me stalled because she happens to be a Pro Staller {has nothing to do with bathrooms, but those are nice hiding places too}. 

But the conversation went on long enough and Me didn't know how it happened, but they were holding hands and skating together. Which was really awkward, really sweaty, really stiff, really stupid, and generally a point of regret all around.

And then Red started playing {by Taylor Swift} and Me was stupid enough to tell Seattle that that song reminded her of him. And that's the last thing they said, because everyone started leaving, so Me watched Seattle leave and wondered how someone you didn't even like could mess you up so much in the space of half an hour.

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