Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Orange Lollipops and Whoo!

Today was another good day. It's kind of strange how all of a sudden you look up and realize that the sun is shining.

Or that it's raining. Which it was today. But I didn't mind at all because who doesn't want a free shower? Besides, rain is the best weather ever, and I realize that's why I have issues singing sad songs about the rain. Which is good because I know so many good songs about the rain. 

Umm, I'll just rant now ...

But anyway, it has been awesome. First of all there was TAing with Georgie, and half the time we were just sitting there on the floor next to each other but that's okay because we're the kind of friends who don't always have to have something to fill the silence. And in US History we watched a movie, which was boring, but at least it gave me some time to learn a lot about Abraham Lincoln ... as well as time to seriously wake up and enjoy myself.

Like in French, how my old language teacher came in and started batting my bangs around my face {he usually acts like he's six} and I whacked him. Or tried to. -_- And then I got an orange lollipop {not for whacking my teacher, sadly}. 
Here, have one.

At lunch I talked with Nash and Georgie and we wandered around, lost Nash, and then found her again while it was raining. Then Danica snuck up on us and we all just stood there with our feet in a square with the rain falling fresh down on us {how can you have stale rain? Unless it's acid rain, eew}. And it was the nicest feeling, not to mention that we had a redhead, a brunette, a blond and me. Which is always nice, even though I'm not choosing my friends just for hair color ... I promise I'm not! I'm not!!!!

*ahem* So in Science I got another orange lollipop, which was funny because both times I didn't have any choice on the flavor of the lollipop. It was entertaining and relaxing and then on the bus ride home Seattle ended up across from me and I would have little side conversations with him while everyone else was loudly discussing something and we were driving down the freeway {or highway?} when he said "I wish I had a grenade to throw at that car and see what happens."

"Uhh, yeah, grenades just make flowers sprout on the windshield," I said sarcastically, which is kind of how I say everything.


Anyway, then he did this hand motion and said "Whoo!" which I made fun of him for. And he started laughing and turned all red-like, which is all his fault because he makes fun of my noises ALL THE TIME! So I spent the time saying "Whoo!" and I get a grin every time I do now, too, because I said that I'd make fun of him for that forever.

Then Georgie called me and we had another hour-or-so-long talk and we talked about how this summer we're gonna hang out as much as possible and add more to our before summer ends list and knock 'em all off.

And you know, the future doesn't seem so scary anymore.

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