Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sorry, I'll Stay

I guess I got another revelation in PE today. The funny thing is how I remember that back in the wallyball/volleyball days when I chose the team of people who never got chosen and had the time of my life, I was happy ... but it turns out I remember this feeling of frustration and pent-up anger when that happens.

Today we played softball. Fact: I am not a good softball player. Fact: There are plenty of girls in my grade who are the same. And another fact: Pretty much all of my good friends are sporty and therefore good at softball. Or they're like Danica and Hillary and they have played softball for a while and are super pro. 

And Boomer had the smarts {this is sarcasm btw} to say "Okay, you guys can pick your own teams."

Which didn't mean people picking the leaders picking the people, but the girls all separating into their own teams. Which, of course, meant that all the popular + sporty girls ended up on one end and all of the non-sporty, normal ones were on the other. Which meant, of course, that team #1 dominated because they were team #1.

I stayed on the second team. First of all, the only people who were talking to me without me having to talk to them were the people on team #2, who are also my friends because I don't believe in not being friendly to people who don't give me reason to not be their friend. Anyway, I happened to be next to them, so I just stayed where I was, figuring maybe one of my friends would want me on their team, but of course they didn't, so I stayed and didn't mind and laughed with my friends on my team because they were my team.

But what bothered me the most was the way that my friends on Team #1 bragged at lunch about how they dominated and how it was so FUN!!!! and they WON!!!! and they were so GOOD!!!!

I know my friends on team #2 aren't the type of people to really care that it's competitive sports, but they try. And I hate it when things like this happen and the first team is all like WE WON! When it wasn't even a fair game at all, and sometimes I want to have captains pick teams, because if I was captain, 99% of the time my first choice would be someone from team #2. 

So think about it. Which are you?

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