Friday, May 31, 2013

The Story of Seattle and Me Part Dream

If you haven't read Parts Wednesday and Friday in that order, then please go back and do that before you continue or this won't make too much sense. 

... So the last two school days pass by and during the first one, Me didn't speak a single word to Seattle because she pretty much didn't see him at all. And on the last day of school Me got plenty of chances to talk to him but every time she cried out there was no reply. But it wasn't like there should've been, because half of the times she was screaming inside, and everyone knows you can't hear that unless you're the one on the inside, which Me was. Which is ironic because Me was on the outside of everything else.

So Me ended up walking outside the science classroom intending to leave when she bumped into Seattle. And what did he say? "Hi," to Me. And then he walked inside the science classroom and she was left standing there like "Oh, that's how it is."

Which made her want to leave all the more, but Seattle beat her to it, so all there was was an empty space under a tree where they once stood together in their favorite weather. There might also be an empty skating rink, but there will probably be plenty of people there to mess up their lives every day of the year. Maybe they should just close it.

The End

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