Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Please Don't Let it Be Over Yet

This morning I was walking around with Greni and she said
"This is the last day I have at this school" 
And she kept walking

This morning everyone was playing cards and laughing
While I sat there full of memories
That leaked out of my eyes
And Danica led me to the place where the piano was
And she said "Remember the songs we sang?"
But my fingers forgot

So we went outside instead to where the tree was
The tree with the leaves like bright stars
Especially when they fall

And I think of the Taylor Swift lyrics to Red
That I sung this morning because I meant them
Things are beautiful before they fall

And like that last glow of an ember before it turns to ash
I started singing with Danica and the words just
Flowed and glowed out of me

But I was still feeling that hole inside me
Because I can't let go but there's no rope
I can hold onto ...

Danica grabs my hand and she writes a ZAP
I look at it before the time she wrote it's so far away
And it's Dr. Seuss

He knew children better than anyone and I'm a child
Aren't I? "Don't cry because it's over smile because
it happened."

But I'm still here childishly thinking, "It's not over"
It's not because it can't be because I can't
Can't walk away

So as I wrote in a song I created last night
"Our last hug, our last touch"
But forgive me for lying 'cause hey
There's always someday"

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