Monday, February 25, 2013


If you know me {and you should. VERY well by now} then you know I'm a really artsy type of girl. This is what Wikipedia says about the fine arts:

  • 3 Two-dimensional work
    • 3.1 Illustration
    • 3.2 Painting and drawing
    • 3.3 Comics
    • 3.4 Mosaics
    • 3.5 Printmaking and imaging
    • 3.6 Fiber art
    • 3.7 Calligraphy
    • 3.8 Photography
  • 4 Sculpture
  • 5 Conceptual art
  • 6 Dance
  • 7 Theatre
  • 8 Film
  • 9 Architecture
  • 10 Games
So I'm good at illustrating. Not so much painting, but I love drawing, comics ... wait a minute, not mosaics though. We did one of those in sixth grade with paper squares and that was GUH. I have nice handwriting apparently, and lately went through an obsessive phase of leaf-war pictures. Okay. I won a prize for sculpting when I was in first grade, with playdough. That stuff is so gross after you leave it out for a month, PS. 

I'm kind of trying to make a point here. I don't know what conceptual art is ... but I love dance, movies, design, GAMES {no freaking duh who doesn't?} and my point: THEATRE!

I haven't been doing much of it lately, but I've always loved improvisation. Which leads into what I want to tell you about. Because my life is a drama and I'm kind of in the middle of it all the time and there are those moments where I'm like "What the heck just happened?!" but I have to improv.

Well, I happen to love improv-ing. Which means that when me and my friend Merida are working on a section in our dance about racing each other to a wall {and trying to hold each other back} and the last eight counts gets to be complete ipmrov, I'm super excited. I danced my butt off {gross not literally} today, which was very exciting. So right now I'm feeling nice about living in a drama. At least it's fun.

Thank goodness I needed no improv on my French test though. Phew!

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