Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some Things Fade

What should I blog about? I wondered today. 

I thought about what had happened today. Nothing much actually, except that I had subs in two classes and--we played kickball with the boys in PE!

There's actually not really an exclamation point, since nothing exciting happened. I am not a good kickball player. Thus, I decided to be a good sport instead, and started clapping and cheering for both sides, while failing at kicking the ball the two times I actually managed to get up to base.

But one thing I did do was watch, and I found my eyes sweeping the room at all of my friends and classmates and landing on one boy in particular.

That was weird. Lately I had thought about things and seriously decided that I Don't Like Anybody Right Now. That's strange for me. Ever since fourth grade I've pretty much constantly had a crush. It's funny to go about a week or two knowing I don't. 

But lately ... that streak's gonna get ruined, real fast.

'Cause someone was out there and I kept wondering if I was catching his eye {gyms are big. Eyesight not good}. I'd watch him kick the ball and run, and he's a cross-country runner {like the rest of his family} or at least aspiring-to-be and he was pretty dang fast {no wonder he always manages to elude me}. He's one of my good friends, but I managed to not talk to him almost at all today. 

Sometimes it's best to sit back and watch and let your heart decide, instead of pulling it and, you know, spraining something.

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