Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Weather Story

Since I hate putting even nicknames in here, I'm going to tell the messed up love stories of my life with nick-nicknames. Well, not all of them. Because some don't count, like that time kindergarten-age people {like I once was} learn the word "boyfriend" before they learn the word "sixteen". Or "mature" for that matter.

Anyway, one of the killers in my world is Lightning. He was bright and brilliant and kind and awesome. He was talented. He was ... like lightning, because I saw him in flashes of my memory of younger years and then came the time that I really wanted to look, but he'd come and gone during my blink. 

Thus, I miss him a ton. I blame that on the fact that I miss my childhood and all those dreamy days of happiness. He's kind of the figure for it, because it's not like I'm missing anything he was.

That's what Storm is for. Generic. Somehow even though he's so dark everybody is attracted to him. He's not even that cute. But he's super talented in all ways, like art and sports and knowledge, and he's kind of funny too and surprisingly nice. But like storms he's unpredictable and unreliable. Half the time I'm wonderstruck and dancing, but the other half ... well. Rain or snow, sometimes he's cold but sometimes he's warm. You never know.

And that's why I'm not so into Storm anymore. It's not just because of what happened That One Time {don't worry it's G-rated, it was basically my overreaction to when he pretended he liked somebody just to provoke somebody else}. It's just ... he's kinda lost his charm on me.

Then there's Sunburst, just as bright as his smile. He's athletic, talented, artistic, basically Storm without the darkness. And he's always been there for me, reliable like the sun, right? It's just that sometimes I'm a little tired. Because of that, lately I don't like him too much.

And oh sigh, in comes Clouds. Or Sky, or whatever you want to say. He's athletic and funny and nice, but I've yet to find any other thing he's good at. Besides loving music as much as I do {almost maybe}. He's been in the background while all that drama and storminess was happening, but now he's started to come out. And it's just something that you want to stare at. The sky or the clouds, always there but not always noticeable like Sunburst. Dark sometimes, but not so crazy like Storm. And fleeting, but not painfully like Lightning.

So that's my weather story, which is like extra code code for the person I like. You can never be too careful.

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Anonymous said...

You write great stories and similes. Have you ever considered being an author?