Sunday, February 24, 2013

Journals and an Apology

Just to say something here, but I now have four journals waiting to be used up. That's not counting the one I'm two thirds done with right now, or the one that I finished in November.

I'm such a writer.

I was talking with my little sister today about journals and she said she wasn't too far into the one she got for her birthday. "There's nothing to write about," she said.

Maybe she just doesn't live in my life, or she's not me. Because I'm kind of the person who makes things dramatic ... and lives a dramatic life. I've had a ton to write about, like people and worries and grades and depressions and friends and crushes and flying. I write about flying a lot, actually, so look up!

Anyway, I realize that I do write a lot, but lately the depression that I had decided to consume my writing. So sorry for starting on a lighthearted note. That happens a lot, but I find that me as a person can't keep it up. Maybe I should change into a fish or something. What with a 3 month memory span, that might be a little easier.

Not that it would make it more fun. 

You see why I love roller coasters?

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