Monday, February 25, 2013

Wishes About Seattle

Okay, no matter how much I tell Georgie and Danica that there's sort of no person I like right now, I'm sort of wrong. Orqua found out last week that there are actually gentlemen in the world. They are greatly appreciated, but sometimes I find myself drawing towards the mysterious types ...

So Seattle slipped me a dollar bill for my birthday, which nobody knows about. There are two words written on it in blue pen in what looks like his handwriting, and I can't decode them but I'm super curious as to what they say. And I didn't want to ask him about it 'cause what if what if he didn't write it? Or what if what if? 

But today, I hadn't seen him until lunch. So I went up to him and I said "Is it illegal to write on dollar bills?"
"Yes," said Seattle.
"Have you done it?" 
"Yes," again.
"With a blue pen?"
"Yes. ..." And then he said something really confusing along the lines of "But I'm innocent, but I'm guilty of it."

I talked to him some more. And laughed, and passed notes, and left wondering why I did, because it's crazy how good the sun feels after you've been stuck in the fog.