Saturday, February 2, 2013

What's Best About Georgie

It's long overdue for an explanation about my BEST FRIEND. You've been hearing all this talk about ORQUA and  VANESSA and DANICA ... basically anybody but Georgie. 

That's not exactly what I should be doing ... it's just that there's so much to write about Georgie that I don't know where to start, and all of it is good things that I never think about letting out {generally, I like to talk about sad things to get them off of my shoulders*}. 

{*People say get things off your chest. Maybe that works if you're lying down, but I generally don't glue problems to the front of my shirt.}

Georgie is basically me. We both love pastels, accidentally chewing gum in History, Taylor Swift, potatoes, the rain and being out in it, and NOT cheese. We think alike and are alike and we could be twins if it wasn't for the fact that the one thing we don't have in common is looks. I wish I could have freckles. (:

It took a while for us to become best friends, but I'm so glad we did, or else my life would never have been complete. So here's a list of 22 things I love about Georgie:
One stripy one and one plain one. YES!

  1. She is always equipped to share with people. AKA she always has mints or gum or pencils or paper or whatever and it doesn't matter who needs them ... she's got it to give!
  2. The LOUDNESS, boldness, clearness, and ffrrrreeeqqquuueeennnccyy of her laugh. 
  3. She is never afraid to SING.
  4. She hardly ever wears matching socks. Except that time she wore unmatching socks that perfectly matched with my unmatching socks.
  5. Georgie is not a pencil person.
  6. She stops to pick up roly polies even if they're evil and eat potatoes. And she mourns them when evil teachers smush them.
  7. She owns bright pink pants.
  8. She always finds time to stop and give me a hug, even if she has to leave.
  9. She misses me when I'm gone and doesn't leave me for long 'cause she knows I miss her too. :D
  10. She can sew {bonus points; I can't!}.
  11. Everybody spells her last name wrong, or has to ask for it again, but she doesn't mind that {I always do. Guh}.
  12. She goes along with all my dumb ideas.
  13. The only time she is violent is when she is violent back at me like when we're being airplanes in the field and I tell her she has to crash into me to be fair 'cause I crashed into her.
  14. She has infinite patience, especially when we're playing wallyball and I can't serve AT ALL.
  15. Her handwriting. It's so beautiful that I stole much of it to use for me.
  16. She can't frown. For long.
  17. There is nobody she hates.
  18. She makes sure that nobody is lonely.
  19. She never shows her feelings or frustrations unless she's sure you don't have any {she'll deal with yours first}.
  20. She can sing beautifully.
  21. She always knows what I'm thinking about, even in those little moments when we meet eyes for a moment ... or when I'm not being me.
  22. Just the fact that she is GEORGIE.

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