Saturday, February 9, 2013

Starry Night 2: Ants

I get to Danica's house and the first thing that happens is that her mom opens the door and calls me Pat. And I smile and laugh and feel at home even if she apologizes that she doesn't know me that well, but that Danica always calls me that.

I think it's awesome. And Danica comes down the stairs and leads me up to her room. We sit talking for a while when the ice breaks and we're in her closet talking about shoes, and I talk about the carpet. Then she's lying down on it and we're both on our tummies with our chins rubbing against the carpet, and suddenly my stomach hurts. Our conversation goes something like this:

"Eew Danica, the carpet's eating your face."
"Psh, that's okay."
"But what if there's ants in it?"
"Then I'll eat the ants!"

Then we start talking about how she's gonna get an anteater to eat her ants and put it in her laundry basket and suddenly we're laughing about how {I don't even know how this happened} in order to eat something, you must ask it out on a date first. Then she brought out her cute plastic clothes hanger and called it a swan with an extra front. I started laughing really hard, and we brought out dolls and pretended they were us and played with our clothes hanger dates, and then she ate hers and mine ran wee wee wee all the way home. 'Cause it was pink ... like a pig, I guess.

Oh, there are so many precious things about tonight. The time flew by. One time we stopped playing with her little sister long enough to do something double-dog daring {what the dog}. Suffice it to say it was Danica's idea, but that I went with it.

"Let's run outside in the snow without our feet!" she said, laughing 'cause she meant shoes and I knew it. She didn't really mean it but we did anyway, and what started as a short sprint across the lawn turned into a full-out run across her backyard. Which, thankfully even with the crazy falling snow, was just wet. And cold too, but then we finished the backyard and realized we had to cross her front lawn to get back to the door, and aforementioned front lawn was covered in five inches {or more} of snow.

My pants were rolled up, but it's not like I cared. I wholeheartedly agreed with her when Danica yelled "MY FEET ARE NUMB!"

But they warmed up and we laughed and it was totally worth it. And I'd play hide and seek with her little sister just to hide behind Danica's door to see that my birthday present was still hanging there. 

So that's the ants, and as we were lying there absorbing the closet floor I realized that we are ants, in this little world where time doesn't have enough of itself to care who we are or what we do. And I thought so what? I don't care anymore and realized that there are some things I don't care about anymore.

Like sadness.

And for the first time in a long time {or so it seemed} my happy button, which had so far been stuck depressed {see what I did there?}, was jiggled a bit by Danica as we lay on the floor or ran around or shared candy or laughed until our abs surely got strong ... well, that happy button wasn't stuck up anymore. 

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