Saturday, February 9, 2013

Starry Night 1: Butterflies and Flutterflys

Since my closet is the strangest and multiplying thing EVER {I swear, my purple shirts numbered one at the beginning of this summer and at the end I had at least, five, and now I have ... holy junk I actually HAVE a blue shirt!!!!}, I have lots of butterfly shirts.

AHEM, excuse me. Butterfly and FLUTTERFLY shirts.

You see, I've got weird friends. That should be evident now. I'm also ... strange. But not weird, right? Airplanes ... okay. Well. Danica has these quirky little things she says and sticks to, like ... flutterflys. Which are written that way, with no ie. So she says butterflies have antennae and flutterflys do not. Which I finally understand now, after those times she'd point them out on my shirt and I would stare at it upside down confusedly. 

Anyway, the reason I'm talking about butterflies is that my story of today {my amazing story of today} starts with them. And flutterflys.

I'm wearing this shirt that's really special to me. Not that anything special happened to me in this shirt. Not at the beginning of today, anyway. At the beginning of today it was this shirt that I really loved because it was biggish and soft and it had butterflies on it. I was thinking about them this morning. 

They glow in the dark! I thought. Which was stupid, because that brought me back to the time I was in a glow in the dark skating rink and bad things happened {this involves a boy. Further details will be omitted}. 

But this morning, I was just feeling really bleh. I had to wake up at six for a Mathcounts competition that my sister was coaching, and since I am an Asian person, gee great, I get dragged into lots of math-related things. By parents. But sometimes they pay off. Like today.

You'll see. 

{Or read. I'm bad at this.}

So I was feeling bad, because even though last night was one of them nights I DIDN'T cry myself to sleep {been doing that a lot lately. It's sticky} I was still feeling sore somewhere inside and, you know, like


but not like I was actually going to make that happen anyway. I promise, I like living. Anyhoo, I was not having a good start to the day. Plus, after Mathcounts I wanted to go to Danica's house, but my parents would not let me 'cause my mom thought I'd starve. So I ate a big breakfast. AKA a couple of rolls. Lately breakfast is not nearly as big as it used to be. 

So, we drove up to this high school for the competition with our team members, and we started doing math. The thing is, I actually wasn't even nervous. I treated it like "Well what the freaking heck" because I wasn't so excited about doing Mathcounts, right? So I did it indifferently and not nervous at all. 

Then they came out with a list for the top 9, who would compete for another trophy, and I 

I was like holy crap, 'cause there was this one sixth grader who was much smaller and younger than me who was my friend, but on a different team and much smarter. Turns out though ... I beat him. By one place, but ... I beat him. And it was a little nice knowing that, hey, my team got first too and we're going to state, and I'm a member of this team and I ... matter.

Thus, I immediately upon finishing the competition and getting my weird pointy trophies, I called Danica with permission and got her address and knew I was going to be at her house soon, so I leaned back and watched the snow and smiled knowing

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