Monday, January 28, 2013


Who says you need a reason to be happy? 

My science fair project brought people together today. I think it put me back together. It's a kind of bravery to walk over to someone and sit next to them with notebook and pen in hand and ask them if you can test them. Even if they are your friend. It's nice to bridge the distance, because there are those little doubts screaming in everyone's head because we're all afraid of this word:
So today I was a bridge person and even if I didn't have as much fun being "on everybody's team" as Orqua puts it in PE ... I had fun. I had patience, and that in itself was enough to make me happy. I didn't have as much fun running. In fact, I kinda died. But I ran the whole way and I lived for that I-might-puke-guh-it'd-be-embarrassing-if-I-did feeling that I got afterwards, because the one thing you ever regret about running is slowing down.

And at lunch, one of my guy friends was sitting alone by the stairs like he did a lot lately. I laughed with my friends and was generally loud and obnoxious because that's me and an inside joke, but then I took my notebook out and bridged the distance. And Georgie took my cue and we sat with that boy trying to get him to think of a word that started with w by being little again:


{You try it.}

Then, today when I was testing Literally, my friends from dance came in early. Usually this would be kind of awkward {sitting there on a bench almost-next-to-a-boy-who-they-don't-know-but-you-know-very-well-and-you're-on-the-handle-bar-thing-and-he's-kind-of-sort-of-on-the-bench-close-to-you. But at least there were therapist jokes}. But I tested them all for my science fair project. We laughed and laughed and talked about Napoleon Dynamite and how we're going to get all the girls in dance to come over and watch it and have a party.

Sounds like a party. And I felt like really really really true outside-of-dance friends with everyone in class today. 

"You girls look so natural," said my dance teacher. "It's like with my high schoolers, they just stand there thinking what? But you ... just do it."

Hehe. Just do it.


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