Thursday, January 17, 2013


If you can't tell, I'm a dreamer, dancer, singer, and ... liver. Eew. But you know what I mean. Somehow I survive everything that is thrown my way and manage to get past it, even though some of it comes back to haunt me. Like that liver situation. Yet it's a wonderful world, and snow-covered at the moment I write this. 

Welcome to my world.
This is where I DREAM. This is where I DANCE. This is where I LIVE, and this is where I SING. And yes, I meant to rhyme that.

I love my world. I love how I have friends who walk up to me and put their chin on my shoulder and whisper "Thank you" even though all I did was run next to them during PE. I love how I sit with a notebook and words flow out of me, lyrical or not. I love how I can just lie in the grass or snow or grass-covered-snow and feel the sun on my face and be content

There are some times that I hate it. I hate all the problems life schemes up for me that I can never seen to solve. I hate it when I have friends who aren't friends at all. I hate it when I realize that someone isn't what I thought they were. I hate it when I sit in front of a notebook and nothing comes out, or when I am in shorts and think my legs are fat. I hate how I toss and turn at night because so much went on that I can't sleep or calm down at all.

But the good things outweigh the bad, even if the bad paragraph was longer. I'll always have something like a smile to give to someone, because one of my favorite sayings is this:

And speaking of windows, I love the feeling I get when it's raining or snowing and I look up out of them and feel like I--

Oh yes--the one thing I forgot to mention about my world.

It's where I FLY.

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