Friday, January 25, 2013

I Forgot Someone

I spent History today zoning out and writing a letter to Danica.

It's normal for people in our friend group to write letters to each other {girls, that is}. So it's not strange for me to have penned something to one of my best ever friends during class today. The strange thing is that it's been so long since I've written her anything.

So I wrote it, and then I needed something to wrap it with, so I got out another piece of paper. On the outside, I wrote some song lyrics and drew some clouds and "Special delivery: to Danica" and on the inside, I started to draw.

It was going to be a princess picture, since I drew Disney princesses last year, she loved them, so I drew them for her in letters so she could color them. I took the same style I used for my versions of Disney characters and drew Danica with it. She was going to be a princess but I ended up giving her a sweatshirt like she'd been wearing lately, and jeans. Then I drew Nash beside her, and slowly I began filling it in.

Nash, Orqua, Tangerine, Vanessa, Kahler, August, and Georgie. All the girls in my lunch group, and the girls who are my really good friends, and Danica's too. They surrounded her and they were smiling and waving and at the bottom I wrote "Hi, DI!" {Danica's initials} and then I folded up the wrapper, slipped a letter in it, and put it in my backpack. I didn't see Danica until Science, where I stopped and gave it to her. 

A little ways into class I suppose she must've opened it, because she appeared next to my desk. I looked up, a little annoyed and raised-eyebrow-y, because today is a lonely day.

She was holding a piece of paper--the wrapper to her letter.

She unfolded it and slid it across the table to me, and I don't know if it was fake or not, but her eyes were watering and her smile was wavering, and Danica said,

"You forgot somebody."

First I thought I'd forgotten someone in our lunch group. Oh no! I thought I'd had all the girls, but maybe I'd missed someone. I felt really bad. That wasn't supposed to happen, and that's why the picture had taken me a little while to draw, 'cause I had to remember everyone. Yeah, today wasn't a great day and I was wondering why, because I was still doing as much for others as I could, like I'd done yesterday with the team. Shouldn't I be smiling? But as Danica walked away and I got out my pen to finish the drawing, I realized who I'd forgotten, and it all made sense.  


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