Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poor Hillary

Lately I have been feeling so bad because of something I'm afraid I can't change.


She is one of my good friends. Okay, so she and I don't talk together much, but we did last year and we hung out on fieldtrips and such when I had no one. She's so happy and cheerful and carefree, and she's sporty, talented, and funny.

I know that's going to change. All of that, long time or no.

Because Hillary, nice girl as she is, has been hanging out with Di. Once I figured out who my old best friend really was, I stopped associating with Di, who knew perfectly well what I felt about her. I didn't sever ties meanly. She just refuses to change. She was lying and dramaticizing and criticizing me and being rude. I knew the things she was saying weren't true, because she loves to make you feel low just so she can be queen.

Anyway, Hillary and Di. I used to be happy that Di had at least somebody to talk to, but it's been getting worse.

I live in a very LDS culture. This means that there is hardly any swearing, especially among my friends. Which meant I kind of froze up when Hillary, usually so innocent, swore in History. And today she repeatedly swore along with Di, while laughing

I'm generally OK with high schoolers around me for swearing. It's their choice, and as long as it's not at me or anybody else I guess it's just something that is a fact of life. But Hillary swearing is a fact of Life Going Wrong.

Georgie's been noticing this too. We both had bad starts in terms of Di, and now we're worried Hillary is going to go through the same thing. Soon that innocent girl will be crying and Di will have used somebody else.

I just don't know what to do to stop it. Di is sure having a good time. She hasn't changed much, but even looking at the way Hillary wears heavy makeup now tells me that she has. 

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