Sunday, January 27, 2013

That's Strange

That's strange. I'm not hungry. Usually I'm super hungry at least once every week, or if I wait too long in between meals. Now I'm not even remotely  hungry before a meal. I skipped lunch today after a normal breakfast. Now, three hours after lunch, I'm not hungry at all. Wait no, what's that feeling in the pit of my stomach? Is it hunger? I don't know anymore.

That's strange. I want to run. I hate running. Or hated, I hate how past tense and my life is either painful or obnoxiously confusing. I love to run now. I love the feeling of wanting to stop and wanting to go on forever at the same time. But I can't run, because there's ice on the ground and my tennis shoes are in my locker at school.

That's strange. I want to go to PE, so I can get to my locker and my shoes and run.

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