Monday, January 28, 2013

This Blue Shirt of Mine

So I have a shirt.

It's new. 

The first time I wore it was on a Friday. Two weeks ago, when I was feeling MISERABLE. I'd spent the previous night up with my mom talking and crying about how I didn't want to go on. 

But I've always found meaning in clothing. I really liked that blue shirt. So I was going to live one more day to wear it. And I'm living on, and I think maybe this shirt started it.

I'm wearing it again today. It's one of the few shirts that, every time I wear it, at least five people tell me they like it. Okay, maybe not five, but it feels like that many and I smile and say I like it too, because it's so perfect for me.

It's simple, but not without design. The sleeves just brush past my elbows, my favorite length {I always end up scrunching up long sleeves}. It's perfect for every activity because the sleeves won't get messy but they're warm. And the color is as turquise, I guess, but it's just blue to me. This is the color blue should be, a little brighter and greener and full of life, like the ocean full of my favorite creatures.

Who knew? I see a lot in clothing. Like the pink butterfly shirt I cried in and the white shirt with the blue flowers that Seattle noticed was new, and the blue-and-white striped shirt that matches Liberty's jacket. 

And this blue shirt, that somehow signifies new beginnings, because the world was fire but then came me and my rain.

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