Monday, January 21, 2013


I realize that the start of this blog caught me in a sad time. 

Well, not really a sad time. More of a So-Many-Reasons-To-Be-Happy-That-Don't-Work-On-Me-Right-Now-Try-Again-Later kind of sad.

I guess it's good to know I'm back out of that! Or at least trying to. It's a little crazy when you can't see the sun is all, but the storm's gone away and now I feel fresh! Not really though. There's still that wacko inversion {look it up. I didn't know those existed until last week} going on, which means all the pollution hangs in the air. And me being a green girl ... yuck. It's gross. But anyway, let me continue on!

Sparkles! Sparkles are amazing. Need I say more? That's the only kind of nail polish I believe in. I think I said that somewhere before, but it's true. I love sparkles. And not only because Taylor Swift likes sparkles. But because they're sparkles. Besides, it's like confetti, only slightly less noticeable. They're also something that you just can't draw, which makes me in awe of them. 

{Not that they're the only thing I can't draw. I can't draw pineapples, and I have to copy trucks. And apparently all my airplanes look like sharks.}

Anyway, I was just out playing in the snow, which was kind of stupid of me since the purple pajama pants I still have on are way too short even for my boots, and that we still have two feet of snow left over from, like, totally last year.

Mhmm. It was fine at the beginning, with all that sledding and hot chocolate and it's so cute that my cheeks are pink. But then you have to wear boots for twelve days in a row and it hasn't snowed in a while but it hasn't rained either, and you're stuck with this crunchy stuff you don't want to sled in. 

Back to playing in the snow. It wasn't really playing, more of stomping around and trying to sink through the layers of ice, and sprinkling snow all over my driveway with my little sister. It's so fun sprinkling snow, even if you're wearing thin fleece gloves like I was. But still, I did designs and saw the sparkles and could've squealed, had my sore throat not prevented it.

That's what I'm trying to get at. Even if you have a sore throat, you can still have a good time. So I can't wait for tomorrow to see my friends again! 

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