Monday, January 21, 2013

I Wish It Was Raining

I love rain. That's one of the weird things about me. I love dancing in it, standing in it, walking in it, singing in it, and watching movies where people sing in it*.

*Though that's not as good as the real thing.

I also love rainstorms at night when you put your ear to the wall and listen to it falling, which is the most beautiful music to fall asleep to. If only I could fall asleep with my ear to the wall, my life would be complete.

The sad thing is, it hasn't rained at all this year. It's a snowy winter and really cold too, which means there's two feet of snow and more than just a jacket in the morning, especially since I get up at six. I love the snow because everyone stares at me for using my umbrella with it, but it's different from rain in the way that you get SO dang tired of it. 

Or at least I do. I'm a rain dancer.

I want rain. I want it to wash the snow away so it'll be warmer and I can play soccer again and dance with it and my umbrella, and take off the umbrella and get a free shower. You can't do that with snow. Snow gives you an excuse to have dandruff, but other than that it's not as fun to get all over yourself. Plus you have to shake off your umbrella 'cause it's dumb to have snow on it. There's a reason umbrella is parapluie in French--it works with pleut, the rain.

I could just rant on rain right now. It's my favorite weather, most definitely. I only discovered this around last year, but what's not to love about it? It washes out the air and smells so good even afterward, and I used to LOVE looking for snails. 

... Albeit the only reason I looked for snails was to salt them. But you can't forgive everything about 7-year-olds.

Even the name of it. R-A-I-N. It's so perfect. I kind of want to name a kid that, but that's like WAY WAY WAY into the future, by the time I'll probably make some rash mistake and name them Billy.

Wait nevermind, my flute's named Billy. But this isn't your concern. We're talking about rain.

Of which is amazing and magical and just so uplifting ... it washes things right off of your shoulders. Once I was feeling down and there were like ten droplets of rain falling in the morning, and that cheered me right up. Sprinkler or not, I loved it. Rain ... ugh ... I can't explain. But still, it's definitely better than snow after a ton of it.

So now I'm just listening to Fearless and wishing it would rain, because it's not the same in the softness of snow.

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