Thursday, January 31, 2013

Homemade Stuffs

I love projects SO much. It feels amazing to create things for other people, especially the feeling you get even thinking about what they'll do when they see what you've given them. 

I'm not talking about, say, a knife through the ... elbow? Just to make things clear.

My birthday presents of late have been homemade. If not, my presents have always had a homemade factor to them. I'm one of the lucky people who are "gifted" enough to gift back, which means I always homemake my cards or make decorations and things like that. Lately I've expanded--I made a mobile star for Danica on her birthday, because she'd given me a mobile, and I constantly make things. I love crafts and art and things like that, so I love putting artisticness into a box and saying happy birthday. 

Or just "Happy Day." Who needs reasons?

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