Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Possibly Not the Rain

Hobbs raised his eyebrow. "You want it to rain for a week?"

"Just to get rid of the snow," I said then ... but now, it's kind of not so bad to think about all this snow. After all, it's that lovely kind of freshness that's been coming down all day, so instead of sitting there at the month-old white {or not so white now} stuff on the ground thinking GO THE FREAK AWAY, you are eating it. Which, of course, is delicious.

Delicious being much better than annoyed, too. I'm getting tired of wearing boots all the time.

So today I went outside 'cause my mom wanted me to. This is another proof that basically anything your mom tells you to do is very good for you, no matter how much you think it will be, which usually isn't much. Moms can prove you wrong. Generally this is realized many years after they tell you to do something, but today it was proved almost instantly.

See, I have a friend named Ameli, and I haven't talked with her for a while, so she came out of her house {we live close by} and we started helping my little sister dig a little igloo. {Almost said cave there. What's wrong with my vocabulary?}

Then we went sledding. We haven't gone sledding since December, and I basically haven't had any friend time with Ameli this whole year. So we went sledding, and it was in the dark too, which was pretty dang SWEET!!!!

Then Ameli would say something like "I have an idea!" 

So I'd be on my stomach on one sled and Ameli would do the same on another and we'd put our arms around each other's backs to hold on, and my little sister laid across both of us, and then we pushed off and kind of flew. 

It's weird. You can fly on the ground. You can fly in your sleep. You can fly a plane. As long as it's you who gets you there, you can basically do anything you want.

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