Sunday, April 14, 2013


So this is my hundredth post of this blog, and it makes me think that wow, this place has grown on me. Sometimes I think I write too much or too little and sometimes I wonder if I should delete this thing. But more often than not I re-read things or add things and generally am proud.

So here's a nice reference list of the past posts:
  1. I am in a hot tub at night.
  2. I get very sweaty yet smile at the same time. Weird, huh!
  3. Fortune and I have a giant argument about buckets.
  4. I wish I was sunburnt but glow even though I'm not.
  5. I wear brown boots and get praised by my French teacher.
  6. I'm sad even though it's raining.
  7. Vanessa becomes okay.
  8. Am I too loud?
  9. I learn to hold myself back.
  10. I hang out with Georgie
  11. I learn that you just have to be patient.
  12. What did I accomplish?
  13. I find some periwinkles.
  14. I dance my heart out. Well, not really. Close enough.
  15. I stand on a chair yelling at people, and find I enjoy it.
  16. Good things happen to those who wait.
  17. Thank you to all you seventh graders.
  18. Things go wrong ...
  19. I paint camouflage and spend plenty of hours with friends.
  20. I climb up a rock wall alone.
  21. I scream. While eating ice cream. Which is rather difficult, may I just establish.
  22. No matter how much you want to trust somebody ... be careful there.
  23. I am all frustrated
  24. Surprise!!!!
  25. Things are nostalgic yet good.
  26. I have an Uno Fight with Liberty, and plan surprises.
  27. Dang you, copy machine.
  28. I'm so happy. Thanks, Georgie.
  29. Bleh.
  30. I am stuck being me.
  31. I get stuck in a storm or two.
  32. I can let things go ... finally, eh?
  33. I love my friends!
  34. I am busy.
  35. I get really really thirsty.
  36. It's a good day.
  37. Rain, finally!!!!
  38. Georgie is my best friend.
  39. Greg Laswell.
  40. I blush mentally.
  41. Lawnmowers bug me.
  42. People yell.
  43. I am wearing lime green!!!!
  44. Somebody told me I was not what I wanted to be.
  45. I can't find my fingers!
  46. I accidentally fell into love again. Whoops. Ouch.
  47. I am a really artsy person.
  48. I wonder if Seattle likes me.
  49. I love drama.
  50. It is my birthday party. 
  51. I am pleasantly surprised while I turn 14.
  52. I run a mile.
  53. Whoops, this one is actually not a published post but a draft. Heh.
  54. Fortune can't see the light.
  55. I find Owl City coincidences that make me smile. Oh, and it's Valentine's Day.
  56. Not much happens.
  57. I talk about boys.
  58. Kyle is depressed.
  59. I change my attitude.
  60. I quote Britt Nicole's Gold.
  61. I lie on the floor of Danica's closet.
  62. I go to Danica's house which immediately feels like home.
  63. I am even more depressed-like in the middle of somewhat happiness.
  64. I am optimistic.
  65. My friends cheer me up. 
  66. I wear blue ribbon.
  67. Someone dies.
  68. Meet my crush.
  69. Meet is my best friend.
  70. I hope I will be remembered.
  71. I rant about old friends.
  72. I have projects.
  73. Finding happiness in vegetables.
  74. Somehow, I have disappeared.
  75. I sled in the dark.
  76. I cheer Orqua up.
  77. I find deep meaning in clothing.
  78. My favorite letter makes me happy.
  79. Parts of me begin to disappear. :-O
  80. I'm not hungry.
  81. I think of good things.
  82. I accidentally write a sad post.
  83. I miss people.
  84. Ugh, here is an assembly.
  85. I think about me.
  86. I don't care about losing.
  87. I have deep thoughts about friends.
  88. I speed away but slow down and have some actual fun.
  89. I taste the sky and feel alive again.
  90. I lead my team to non-victory victory and realize I matter.
  91. I get really mad at the snow. 
  92. I play around in the snow.
  93. I don't go to Blaund's birthday party.
  94. People are too contained and too loose.
  95. I hate it when people yell.
  96. When I was a young ... not warthog. I reminisce about the lovely times when I was a little kid running free.
  97. I get all depressed-like.
  98. I feel sort of awkward.
  99. I take off ...

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