Monday, April 8, 2013

Crashing Through Walls and Fighting Dragons

It should be where it rains ... anyhoo, this is Rainbow Veins by Owl City.
Love that song!
Vanessa was the one who introduced me to Long Live

One day long long ago I said I'd sing it with her, but I never have.

Still, I feel like we've lived it.

Vanessa and I have been through demons and dragons and monsters and fights and so much, but we're still friends. We still understand each other, and we won't turn our backs when it's us against the world.

"Is Vanessa OK?" asked Orqua in bowling today.

Vanessa was reading a book away from the crowd.

There were times I could've given up. Sometimes Vanessa gives up on me and sometimes I do in return. But today I could've given up when I saw her like that. I could've given up when she said "I'm just tired," or when she said "I'll just email you, okay?"

But sometime runs deeper than all the times we fought over guys, or we'd have a gap of time when we just didn't hang out. 

'Cause when your friend smiles, so do you, and you don't mind taking your lunch period cheering them up because it's worth it when you press your forehead to theirs and say "You're gonna be okay. Don't cry" and they say "Promise" and you wave at them when they walk away knowing they'll be back no matter how long they're gone.

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