Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm Annoying, and That's Good

I've probably been watching Wreck-it-Ralph too much recently ...

But today I took a little from it while we were in PE.

It's funny that I have all these huge life revelations during PE. Like how to stay positive ... or how to keep going.

Lately we have been doing running inside because our track got torn down {preceding the building of a new football stadium, whoopee}. So instead of doing a mile, which would be about a million laps around the little gym we are confined in, we do timed runs and our goal is 12 minutes straight, so our training period is 15 minutes.

And for the last three times, I've been running all 15 minutes.

The first time I pretty much died because all I concentrated on was my breathing and how ragged it was and I needed water and my calves hurt and I felt like passing out even though I'd been going slower than slug. And not the car kind.

The second time I managed to pretend I was falling asleep and basically ended up daydreaming, only that didn't work too well because I felt like I was actually going to fall asleep. Which is never a good feeling when you're running along with a crowd of all the girls in your grade. 

But today I was ... great. I was in the mood for a workout and started out running. Okay, not necessarily sprinting, but not necessarily jogging either. So kind of in-between. Which was cool because I was in the front to start us out, and the only one who was running my pace was this one girl who is crazy and could probably sprint a mile.

I can't sprint a mile. But today I kept my fast pace except when I decided to jog in place next to Bradie, who was walking. "Run! Run!" I said. She shook her head.

"I'm gonna push you," I warned, and ran ahead.

Then I'd see other people walking alone or jogging alone. I would run next to them, urging them to run if they were walking, and generally keeping up a conversation because I know that everybody wants their mind off the running and the burning calves and thighs and legs in general and lungs.

I felt like I was on fire. But kind of in the good way.

And whenever I passed Bradie, I'd push her gently in the back until she got so annoyed at me that she ran. Which made me smile and run faster.

'Cause it's funny how I'll run behind somebody slow and watching them makes me start to drag and get tired, but when I run next to them I feel energized.

Ain't being annoying something good?

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