Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Evidence

I've been thinking about it, because this is the time of the year when I am stuck enough to realize what is happening and what has happened ... in this past year, the one lesson I've really learned is how to hope. Oh, and how to cope, but that comes with hoping, dunnit?

So here's more evidence--it's raining right now. Well, not all that hard, but the ground is still wet and there are little drops on my windows and it smells fabulous outside. It's been raining all night and it was raining all yesterday. The funny thing is ... last week it was snowing. And before that it was snow, snow, snow, all year long.

I get really frustrated at the snow. Especially the stuff we had last week. Like, shouldn't it rain? Just like one degree hotter and it would be my favorite weather. But NOOOOOOO, weather had to be stupid. But luckily, I live in a state where the weather loves to change and be random and all that. Actually, that's unlucky. Because this whole year with its November {or probably even October} snow that lasted on the ground until March, I've been hanging on to the wish and hope that it's going to rain and rain all day long and I'll be happy again. 

'Cause who can't be happy given an umbrella and a lamppost? 

So it's kind of another little proof that if you hope, you just have to wait for all the rest of the fake-hopers to drop off before you get what you want. 'Cause I find that life doesn't like to give to the undeserving. {Haha, those of you who didn't participate in the dance!}

Okay, I'm going to stop using parentheses and talk about the dance again. 'Cause it was really fun, and really great, and it made me really happy. One of these days I will kidnap the video from Tangorine and August and Greni's mother and everybody else who filmed it after I interrogated them and made them. Actually, that's only in the case of the first two. But still.

It's nice to know that some things you wish do come true, you just have to be a little patient. Like how {yes, yes} the people who quit the dance got showed that it can be really cool. And I did get a reluctant "Yeah, you guys were awesome," from the one senator who didn't participate *coughcoughnonamesherecoiugh*.

So I guess I'll just be quiet now, and listen to the rain. (:

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