Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Keep Me Next to You

One of the most amazing things is my ability to be lazy no matter the situation.

Like if I only have 3 1/2 hours to paint a poster, find out how many licks it takes to get through a lollipop, and otherwise hang out with Georgie. Like I did yesterday ... but somehow although I was being lazy, we got all of that accomplished.

When I showed up at her house, I was probably late, because apparently my parents don't like to leave the house until the very last possible minute, and then they get annoyed when they get to a red light. Anyways, she was already outside setting up our poster-ness. We selected a blue canvas and I got busy organizing the paintbrushes and acrylics into rainbow order. Then we took lots of pictures and got busy painting We're not weird, we're airplanes onto the paper.

After that, we got watermelon Dum-Dums and sat down on the sidewalk just outside her house and decided that we'd use chalk to mark down one tally mark for each ten licks. It took ... forever ... and it was really funny and awkward just sitting there licking and counting to the beat of Call Me Maybe, among other songs. It was also hilarious, because at one point a couple of girls we knew from school rode by on their bicycles and we didn't stop licking.

After one thousand licks, we decided that it was enough. Apparently I've got really acidic spit, because my lollipop was much more worn-down than Georgie's. After taking a billion more pictures, we finally ate our lollipops free of the dreaded counts.

Then we went to the park by her house. Or, ahem, one of the parks by her house. I was astounded because all the parks by my house must be reached by walking up or down a hill, and all her parks didn't have any. Oh well. Then it was really cool that it was an actual playground ON GRASS!!!!!!! No dreaded woodchips!!!!! It was a dream come true, so we swung and shoe-flicked, trying to get my flats or her flip-flops onto the playground, but we had to stop that after a mother and her children came and started to play on the playground, therefore ruining the fun. 

{Although I guess we could've still tried to flick shoes onto the playground while they were there, but the mother probably wouldn't've liked that.}

We had some more park adventures before retiring back to her room and adding more to our BSE list {before summer ends}. And I'm super excited to be at it again with my best friend ...

as we swung on the swings and counted 22 times {her favorite number, BEFORE the Taylor Swift song} before releasing our shoes. I realized that I've been having a hard time, but it's not as hard with Georgie by my side to make me feel like I can do things. 

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