Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"You glow. It's marvelous."

A thousand heartbeats beat in time
Makes this dark planet come alive
So when the lights flicker out tonight
You gotta shi-i-i-i-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine ...

So sang me this morning. The funny thing is how there are all these little connections, like the number 22, which is Georgie's favorite, and how it pops up everywhere. Well, the word that I'd use to describe my day is glow.

Today's been ... "Magical. Mysterious, awesome and amazing," in the words of Seattle. Or "Happy free confused and lonely in the best way!" in Georgie's.

I don't know what's going on lately that makes me so happy. The thing is, when I think about it there's not much to be happy about. It's like how I went through writing a list of my favorite songs, and I started thinking, how come I like this song when there's not much to like? It's like Seattle, or life itself. You just do, and that's what keeps you going.

Aaw, and right now it's playing Today Was a Fairytale. That's so perfect!!!!

Anyway, I've had a great day. It wasn't anything in particular, because Band was OK and English was OK and PE was OK and Math was OK. But I'm kinda flying.

At lunch I played soccer for the first time in forever and I actually played it, and I was sprinting although I was tired, and I was part of my team. And when I got to Math after lunch, I felt sunburnt because seriously my cheeks were glowing, and they felt all strange and warm and nice.

Akin to Danica's letter to me yesterday, which said the words in the title.

It's like on the bus, when Seattle tells me I'm smart and I forget to contradict him, or like how this morning I pushed the door open since he was behind me, but he put his hand on mine before we walked inside.

Those things fuel me, and I wish I had a sunburn to show how much I shine inside.

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