Thursday, April 11, 2013


"Fortune," says Danica, "don't forget me."

This morning, he and I were on the bus talking. Both our favorite weather is rain, and we were both like "YES!!!!" because it was falling when we were on the bus. Which somehow led into a discussion about tarps and buckets and nailing things. With magnets.

I won't go into the details of this discussion, but it was super fun. I ended up trying to make it so that his tarp-bucket plan wouldn't work. He described a tarp on top and a tarp on bottom with the top one held up by me-sized buckets, but I'd say "But if your tarps are being nailed to the buckets then they have holes in them and therefore can't hold water ..." and he'd be all like "Well ... they're nailed with magnets!"
So seriously the whole bus ride was dedicated to that argument, which was just ... amazing. And I got off the bus without the feeling that I haven't talked to Fortune in a while.

The thing is, at the beginning of this year I was kind of seriously mad/sad at him, which meant that we'd have stare-downs and I'd wonder why he wasn't my friend, yet miss him all the same. I wrote about it in journals, but right now I've forgotten what it feels like not to be Fortune's friend.

I guess that's a good thing. It's like talking to Coustic right now. We've fought a lot, but now we're back chatting. Or Vanessa at lunch, how she looked me in the eye and said "Thanks, you've been a great help." But she's needed it, and Coustic is a good friend, and I find so is Fortune.

People say trust is a paper that once crumpled can't be put back, but somehow if you smooth it out you can still think it's perfect.

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