Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bold & Brass

There are a lot of subtle differences between things that sometimes you can't explain. This is what my science fair project was about: language, I guess. What happens when there's a word to explain something that there isn't in another language?

There are two words that I've been wanting to use a lot in my writing--bold and brass. They're both one step short of brave, or maybe one step too far. There are a lot of times when you can't toe the line because it's drawn so finely you can't see until you're over it ... which means all you have to do is step back.

Lately I've been probably a little of both--bold and brass. It's nice to have this newfound bravery that comes form being so overly protective of something. But notice the word overly there?

So sometimes when you know that you've done something wrong, instead of hiding in a hole, pull yourself out. 

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