Thursday, April 25, 2013

One Direction is Right ...

It's funny because sometimes a song you don't want to get stuck in your head gets stuck in your head. But I guess that's why they call it stuck.

Right now I have "Little Things" by One Direction stuck in my head. And I mean stuck.

But you know, sometimes even the most semi-annoying or omnipresent {right word?} bands can strike a right chord. {Heh heh.}

Sometimes all of a sudden I feel terrible and I don't know why and then I realize it's probably something big that happened. Or, you know, I do that in reverse order, which means something big & bad happens and I realize I feel terrible. 

Like yesterday, when my math teacher decided that my test grade was an 80%. I know for some people out there this is good ... but for me it really, really, really, REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY {sorry Georgie I know you hate when people do that} sucks. Which meant that I went home, did all the homework I had for probably ever, and sulked.

Which meant that when I came to school this morning I wasn't happy.

And it all makes sense to me

But you know, sometimes you can stand up and make yourself get out of that rut. Which I can, apparently, because once "Little Things" got stuck in my head I realized it is just about the little things.

Like getting ice cream today because I am a TA and the teacher I TA for had a birthday.

Like the windless sunshine.

Like playing soccer and kicking it SOMEWHERE.

Like singing, even if it's only to myself. {Not that I really enjoy singing to anybody else.}

Like getting things done.

Like reading a book.

Like being at the library.

Like annoying people with overuse of the word "like."

Like the fact that my grades don't matter right now. They will soon though so I better shape up ... but you know, I can always go talk to my math teacher and retake it. Wouldn't that be smart?

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