Thursday, April 25, 2013

Seattle Speaks!

Seattle and I don't usually get many chances to talk, but when we do we talk about A LOT. Which is kind of strange, considering I'm usually caught up staring at him ... but when he's not looking, of course.

One of the things we talk about is books. Which of course makes me like them more. But I didn't just say that ... anyway, it's funny 'cause his favorite book is mine, too. Not that I did that on purpose, but it's a really good book. Sometimes it's funny how you love the things you love and sometimes they love each other too. Like Seattle and books. You should just see my bookshelf, if it's not full to bursting I get really mad, and even then I have to organize it every day by author last name, spine color, title name, page number ... etc.

We also talk about movies. Or we did once, and again I found out that we both love this one old movie called Secondhand Lions. If you haven't seen it, go see it. Actually, it swears a bit. But it's an amazing movie and it's really funny and it's not dirty. {NO KIDDING! Like a dirty movie would be my favorite.}

And songs. Which is cool 'cause my friends are weirdos like me {actually, I'm not weird ... but you knew that} and sometimes we just talk about music. Ain't that weird? I happen to be a fan of Taylor Swift and Owl City, but I've been expanding my horizons and sometimes I share songs with friends, especially Seattle. Or we don't share songs, 'cause we're usually commenting on our bus drivers' choice of radio station. Which is generally unfavorable, like the commercials she had this morning.

{To which I usually point up and say, "Oh, this one is my favorite! I hear it all the time, I've got it practically memorized!" 'Cause I'm funny like that.}

Magic things like that happen, so I'm sorry for writing too much about Seattle ... but still. It's like on Tuesday how we passed each other walking down the hall, and then when I got to the end of the hall and looked back and he happened to at the same time ... heh.

So just a news flash 'cause I realize I haven't posted much in the past days ... so yeah! Laters!

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