Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Today's been super happy. I don't know about you, but I have a weird kind of obsession with clothing where if I'm wearing something that makes me smile, I usually have a good day. So today I ended up wearing these little brown boots. They look just like the picture, only there's two of them! :P

Anyway, those boots were kind of out of my comfort zone. For one, they're kinda short. For another, I don't usually wear boots unless they're the winter/snow kind {not that it wasn't snowing this morning. Stupid weather}. And also they were kinda big.

But still, they're awesome, and they make me smile as previously mentioned ... so I smiled and that's how I started my day, and that made it good.

This morning me and Georgie were TA'ing and we got busy covering books. This may sound tedious or annoying, but I think it's really fun, mostly because I'm doing it with Georgie. Or that I'm OCD and like being given things to do. -_- Don't use that against me ...

Then in History, Buttre was back! He's such a fun teacher and he gave us some more speeches and lectures on random things such as movies about the 1970s. I wrote a letter to Danica.

In French, we worked on our finals, and I managed to figure out that I'd overdone everything and had way too much to say about our improv conversation with my teacher. She was all like "Look how fluent she is!!!!" when all I did was ramble on and on and be really quiet and awkward. Yup, fluent.

Before lunch, I caught Seattle walking to lunch ahead of me, so I ran {well skidded in these boots} and tapped him on the right shoulder, hiding on his left side. But of course he had the sense to whirl around the left shoulder. Psh.

At lunch, I handed Danica the letter from History and she gave me this really really REALLY awesome letter. Which makes me glare her down, 'cause ain't it my job to write? Just kidding.

So now I have a flower on my left palm, which is apparently a symbol of this little "club" that Georgie, her unnamed crush, and Nash created. Which was super cute because Georgie and that guy got to touch hands so their flowers could touch ... long story. But cute.

And during Science, I was actually not confused and had fun sitting next to Danica and understanding energy pathways. Phew. It's such a relief to know what's going on!

So on the bus, I spent extra time talking to Liberty, Kyle, and Souri on the bus because we were late since we had to go pick up some people we accidentally left at school. It was funny since this one freshman was playing Pandemic 2, and Liberty and I started talking about it and discussing tactics ... and I happen to be a girl, which isn't usually a likely candidate for playing a game about infecting the world with a disease and killing every person in it. But you never know!!!! {It's all Coustic's fault, he introduced me.}

Mix in a conversation on the phone with Georgie, and that's just ... amazing. :D

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