Monday, April 29, 2013

Time for Me

I never read novels in verse
Because I thought they would be hard
But that just goes to show
Another time I gave up
Doesn't it?

And Pandora is giving me all these
Sad songs, even though it doesn't know
What is wrong with my life, wrong with me
Wrong with me.
Not that I know and my best friends
Will come up to me and say "What's wrong
What's wrong?"
But I don't have an answer.
If I did it, I would've taken my magic hammer
And whacked something.
But funny, I don't have an answer
Or a magic hammer
And ghosts from my past ride past on their bikes
And I would speak but my lips are locked
like Danica said
And somehow I don't know where the key is
If there is a key to me and my life anymore
If there ever was
If there ever will be
If there is something still waiting for me
After my running
and my screaming
and my fighting
and my giving up and going
who knows where
Yeah, if there's a key
if there's something missing
Because I'm not complete ...

If there's a key?
If it will ever be rescued
Brought up
From the depths of black hole
That filled the space
Where I used
to be.

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