Saturday, March 23, 2013

And I'm Home

There was something about today that made me feel beautiful. Not like in the physical way ... but in the mental way. Wherever you pinpoint where your feelings come from, I was warm and soft inside, like a baby blanket. And man, are those things soft.

This afternoon from 1 to 5, I was at my school decorating a section of the main hallway for school spirit. It comes from being a representative for my grade, and it was ... really awesome, actually.

I got there and it was snowing, and there was a crowd inside from the basketball game that was going on. I looked around feeling a little lost, but then I saw Georgie! What a great first person, right? We collided and then I saw Kahler and waved at her from her position on top of the stairs. She ran down and we all walked to the hallway to figure out what was going on. We got some paint and went down to the student body office (more like a supply closet actually) to get some poster paper.

Then we set to work. The main hallway was split in half--our grades got the west side of the hallway, most of which was actually trophy cases, which was not cool. Thus, we set to work decorating the columns that were on the hallway too. 

We made three column posters that took a while. Soon afterwards Fortune showed up, which meant that we had more people and thus, more fun. I think we're all neat freaks, but we still had tons of adventures dipping our arms in red paint (except for the one boy, weirdly) and stamping them all over the paper, adding one that rose above the rest carrying a spirit bowl. Then we had one that we painted camouflage all over (I SPELLED THAT RIGHT!!!!!!). 

I love mixing paint. Usually I hate painting because I suck at it, but today it was super fun. First, there was brown and green, which Fortune was surprisingly good at blobbing the brown-green paint in a way that looked like epic camouflage. After we finished that poster came a picture of our school mascot decked out in army-wear (our theme is the armed forces) and ... well, I just can't describe how much fun I had.

It's not like we talked that much, except about whether or not my gray mixing needed more white, or how red and brown is a nasty color combination thanks to August deeming it "bloody poo." But it ... it was just nice to spend four hours with friends working on things I'm going to walk past and feel proud of.

You know how they say home is where your heart lives? (At least they think they do.) Well, today has made me realize that for these past two years, this school and these friends has and have been my home. And no matter where I go after, they're gonna stay that way. :)

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